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Tree Service Campbell

Emerald View Tree Service is the best tree service company in Campbell and other cities near San Jose in the Bay Area. We are the tree experts you can trust to keep the trees on your property looking beautiful and healthy. We also have the best prices of any tree service company today without compromising safety or cosmetics. The trees on your land are an important investment that will last for many years. At our company, trees are not just our job, trees is la Familia (family).

Campbell has setup beautiful parks and tree friendly commercial spaces including the iconic Pruneyard Shopping Center. Our tree trimming expertise helps maintain these environments by promoting tree health and cosmetic decorative pruning. Our trimming schedules to complement events at John D., Campbell Park, ensuring trees are vibrant and safe for residents and visitors alike.

We have worked on many customers' properties over the years. Tree services helped increase the value of their homes and businesses. As local tree service in Campbell, we really care about giving great personal service to every customer. We understand that trees make properties look nice, but we also know trees play a big role in keeping our environment healthy for a long time. You can count on us to take great care of the special trees growing on your land.

How much does it cost to Trim a Tree in Campbell?

City of Campbell does not have any special requirements for tree trimming that differ from San Jose City or Santa Clara County. We still follow ISA, standard road safety, and ANSI 300 standards for tree service. All trimming prices are in the range of $400~$2500 per tree depending on access, dimensional size and any special circumstances which require additional services such as emergency tree services. We provide full chipping, grinding and disposal complementary.

How much does it cost to remove a Tree in Campbell?

It generally costs between $500~$3000 per tree with stump grinding and debris disposal included. The main requirement for Campbell is if the tree is a "protected tree" the city requires a City of Campbell tree removal permit to be filed by property owner. In general, there are three types: 1. Single family residential property, 2. non-single family residential properties, and 3. Dead Tree Removal. Plans + Drawings of property and position of tree, 2x Photos of tree on property, Written statement for removal, HOA approval letter if part of HOA, and Acknowledge Statement is required with submission. Please see the permit application in link above for more details.

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